Neuropsychological Assessment

A comprehensive assessment evaluating brain functioning. The evaluation involves a review of documents (medical notes, report cards, reports by speech pathologists or occupational therapists), a clinical interview, the systematic administration of standardized tests through paper and pencil tasks, verbal questions and computer tests. The client is never “hooked up” to a machine.

The evaluation focuses on general abilities, attention, concentration, short-term and long-term memory, verbal skills, visuospatial abilities, problem-solving and decision making (executive functions).

The results obtained by the person will be compared to norms based on age and/or education level. Based on the cognitive profile the neuropsychologist can determine the client’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.

The neuropsychological profile will help the neuropsychologist determine which areas of the brain have been affected by a concussion, brain injury or neurological illnesses and a diagnosis will be reached. The neuropsychological assessment will also evaluate emotional and behavioural functioning and determine the effects of psychological factors to the overall profile.

A treatment plan and specific recommendations are developed and, with the client’s consent, distributed to the medical doctor, insurance company, school or work environment.

A feedback session is provided to help the client have a good grasp of the findings and recommendations proposed.