Medico-Legal Assessment

Neuropsychological or psychological evaluations for personal litigation or criminal cases that address the referral questions from the plaintiff or defense attorneys or the court. An independent, informed, and objective opinion is provided in response to specific medico-legal questions.

Depending on the referral questions, the evaluation may include some or all of the following: extensive review of medical and legal history of the person, detailed interview(s), neuropsychological testing, and psychological testing. In some cases, expert testimony is provided.

What is a medico-legal assessment used for?

Some of the issues which can be addressed through a psychological or neuropsychological medico-legal assessment include the following:

  • Differential diagnosis
  • Accuracy of symptom reporting
  • Extent of impairment
  • Cognitive functioning

Neuropsychological and psychological assessments provide the best scientific method available to determine the manifestation of brain dysfunction and emotional functioning.

Qualifications for Medico-legal assessment:

Dr. Gagnon has extensive experience with a variety of clinical presentations in the context of legal proceedings. Dr. Gagnon provides high-quality forensic evaluations, which address the needs of the referral source in a thorough and accurate manner.